Nissan Brings Regenerative Braking to Minivans

27 Aug

So, what exactly is regenerative braking and why should you carel?  Regenerative braking is a brake system in an automobile that captures energy released during the braking process and diverts the energy to other systems within the vehicle.  Regenerative braking is commonly used on hybrid and electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf.  Nissan recently made news when it announced that it would use regenerative braking on a non-hybrid vehicle to power electronic components within the vehicle such as interior and exterior lighting.  Doing so increases the vehicle’s fuel economy.  Nissan has not revealed whether this system will be equipped on US-spec Nissans.  We hope that Nissan, along with other manufacturers, continue to develop technology that increases fuel economy in such innovative ways.

Image Courtesy of CoverCars

Source:  Automotive News (Sub. Required)


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