Fiat USA Announces Fiat 500 T

20 Aug

Soon Fiat fanatics in Hampton Roads will have another choice when picking out their perfect 500.  On August 17th, Fiat USA announced that a new model would join the Fiat 500 lineup.  Called the Fiat 500 T (for Turbo), it adopts some of the visual cues of the wildly popular Fiat 500 Abarth while offering upgraded horsepower and torque (135hp and 150 ft/lb respectively) over the Fiat 500 Pop, Sport, Lounge and Gucci models.

“We’re really excited to see the Fiat lineup continue to expand” says Dave Lawson, General Sales Manager of the Pomoco Auto Group’s Fiat of Newport News dealership.  “The Abarth has sold particularly well, and this model [the 500 T] will give customers another choice when looking for an affordable, fun to drive car with lots of personality.”

Expect to see the 500 T, along with more information on the 500 L, and an all-electric 500, in the coming months.


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