Fiat is Coolest of the Cool Cars says

30 Jun

The Fiat 500 was named the #1 affordable (under $18,000) cool car by the editors at Kelley Blue Book’s

Here’s the editors’ take on the Fiat 500:
Regardless of what the Hello Kitty mafia would like to believe, cute isn’t cool. Not usually, anyway. But that’s because cute is rarely backed up by substance, as it is in the 2012 Fiat 500. It’s seven inches shorter than a Mini Cooper and positively adorable, but spend a day driving Fiat’s first U.S. offering in 27 years and you’ll discover a comfortable, livable, well-built sub-compact car that just happens to have 10 times the personality of some of its cookie-cutter competitors.

To add to the Fiat 500 coolness, there’s the Fiat 500 Cabrio (500c), our convertible version.

While, the Fiat 500 packs a lot of “substance,” as the editors wrote, it also packs a lot of options: 14 exterior colors, 12 unique seat color and material combinations, a choice of two interior environments and three exterior soft-top colors, which allow customers to personalize “their own” Fiat 500 or Fiat 500c.

In the video below, Head of FIAT Brand North America Laura Soave says there are 500,000 ways to personalize the Fiat 500.

Stop by Pomoco Fiat in Newport News to take one of the 500,000 possible combinations for a test drive.

Source: Chrysler Group LLC


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