Fiat: Lowest CO2 Emissions in Europe

24 Mar

In 2010 — the fourth straight year — Fiat brand automobiles recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions for vehicles sold in Europe. Fiat had an average measurement of 0.437 pounds of C02 per mile – a drop of .017 lbs/mile from the previous year.

Over the past four years, Fiat brand has reduced its C02 emissions an average of 10% from 0.488 to 0.437 – a full four years ahead of the European Union target set for 0.461 lbs/mile by 2015.

And, some of that emissions-reducing technology is now in the U.S. and Canada via the Fiat 500. The new Fiat 500 marks the introduction of Fiat Multiair fuel delivery system to North America. Standard on the 1.4-liter engine in the Fiat 500, Multiair increase fuel economy by up to 10% and reduces emissions by 10% without any loss in power.

Recent technologies introduced by Fiat include:
• The TwinAir engine, the world’s most “ecological” turbo
• Alternate fuels including liquid propane gas (LPG)
• EcoDrive, an innovative technology that encourages eco-friendly driving

Check out Fiat at our new Pomoco Fiat location in Newport News!

Source: Chrysler Group LLC


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