Make a New Year’s Resolution for Your Car.

12 Jan

It’s a new year and time to work on those resolutions!

After all the holiday parties and food, a lot of us just want to stay in shape this year. But remember…your car has probably had a rough holiday season too. Make the resolution to get your car back in shape, and keep it running better and longer for years to come.

1. Have Your Oil Changed Regularly. Changing the car’s oil regularly will help keep it in great condition and running with much less wear on the internal engine parts.

2. Keep Proper Air Pressure in the Tires. Keeping your tire pressure at the recommended level will increase the life of your tires and improve your gas mileage. Keeping an eye on your tires will help you avoid the major inconvenience of changing a tire on the side of the road.

3. Routine Maintenance. Car manufacturers create schedules based on the average lifetime of the car to inform customers when certain things should be replaced or restored. It’s important to take preventative maintenance steps, before urgent and necessary maintenance is needed.

Get you car’s fitness program started now. Stop by one of the Pomoco Service Centers to get your car back in shape.

Visit our website for various service coupons in your area. Just click the location of your choice, then select “Parts/Service Specials” from the menu.


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